Masterclass Big data voor de Publieke Sector

[ This masterclass will be in Dutch ] Op 2 en 3 november 2015 vindt er weer een masterclass plaats waarin op een laagdrempelige manier kennis wordt gemaakt met Big Data. Leer hoe de nieuwe inzichten die Big Data biedt gebruikt kunnen worden ten behoeve van bijvoorbeeld Smart Cities, effectiever beleid en een slagvaardige overheid. Deze masterclass is gericht op professionals die in en om de publieke sector actief zijn en graag meer inzicht willen krijgen in hoe Big Data in te zetten in hun dagelijkse realiteit. Een technische achtergrond is niet nodig! Meer informatie en aanmelden kan via het Centre for Professional Learning .

Hackathon voor innovatieve oplossingen wereldvoedselvraagstuk

Hoe zetten we digitale data in voor innovatieve oplossingen van het wereldvoedselvraagstuk? En hoe kunnen de werelden van softwareontwikkeling, internationaal beleid en diplomatie en die van landbouwonderzoek en -praktijk daarin concreet samenwerken? Die uitdagingen stonden centraal tijdens de Data4Food Challenge die van 11 t/m 13 september a.s. plaatsvond in Den Haag.

Inspirationlab: Dutch Innovators for Peace

Technology can drive peace and justice. Innovative solutions increasingly make use of new types of data, mobile technologies and social media. Big or small (data), high-tech or low-tech: the challenge is to maximise the benefits while minimising the risks that come with the so-called data revolution.

Young start-up Urban Crops wins Venture Academy

The Venture Academy of the Centre for Innovation in The Hague encourages students to establish their own start-up businesses, not only to make profits but also to tackle social problems. The Centre for Innovation detects the growing demand among students to complement the academic skills that are taught at universities today, and to gap the bridge between student-life and the job market.

Future Friday

Every Friday you’re welcome to join our open workspace, with free Wi-Fi, good coffee and great company. Our doors are open from 10:00 to 17:00h.  

Summer School: Big Data for Peace 6-17 July 2015

This summer school is for professionals and students with a keen interest in the impact of Big Data for the international peace & justice sector. You will learn about the latest trends in data-driven innovation, about the lessons learned thus far regarding Big Data in the sector, and how to apply new methodologies to collect, analyse and disseminate data streams. No prior IT knowledge is required.

The Future of Work

In this inspiration lab, Prof. Sandra Groeneveld  and Matthijs de Jong  (Deloitte) will share their vision on the Future of Work. What are the trends and developments in the fields of Organisation Theory and Human Resource Management? What is the impact on unemployment rates? And what is the impact on income inequality?

The Future of Open Education

In this Inspirationlab, Prof. Simone Buitendijk and Prof. Edwin Bakker share their visions on the future of open education. How does open education influence Leiden University's strategy? And what can we say about its relevance and impact? Registrations for The Future of Open Education are now open!

Conference: Responsible Data for Humanitarian Response

On 24 and 25 February the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with Leiden University and other partners organised the conference 'Responsible Data for Humanitarian Response'. This expert meeting brought together senior management (responsible for innovative practice) in the field of humanitarian response from public and private sectors as well as academia and INGOs/NGOs.

Film screening: Peace in Our Pockets

On Wednesday, February 25th, from 18:30 - 20:00h we hosted a screening of the documentary "Peace in Our Pockets", followed by a Q&A with Kevin Sudi (Partnerhips Manager at Sisi ni Amani in Kenya) and Agnes Koppelman (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, Policy Officer East and Southern Africa).

Lynks: visualisation software

We are happy to announce the official release 1.0 of our online network visualisation software ' Lynks '. Lynks has been designed as an easy-to-use online software for visualising networks.

Final results: Minor E4S

Over the last five months, 31 students of the Minor Entrepreneurship for Society (E4S) spend 26040 hours working on 11 business proposals for social impact. The student start-up teams took up a societal challenge, developed a business plan and crowd funded their pilot. Learning how to go from having an idea, to making it happen.

Course 'Leading Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™)'

How can Agile methods improve the quality of project management in IT organizations? Acquire the knowledge necessary to lead an enterprise agile transformation by applying the Scaled Agile Framework, and its underlying principles of lean thinking, and product development flow.

(2014) Launch event: Agile for Excellence

To celebrate the opening of the new Agile for Excellence (AE) initiative of Leiden University – Campus The Hague, a launch event was hosted on Tuesday 2 December 2014. This event was organised in cooperation with Rally Software and Leiden University - Campus The Hague.