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Professionals in the public sector face an ever more interdependent and demanding environment. Globalization, technological innovations and rapidly changing patterns of power and authority impact on the understanding of government and its roles. The Centre for Professional Learning of Campus The Hague (CPL) aspires to make a significant contribution to government excellence on a local, national and global level and is strongly committed to support lifelong learning.

University Leiden - Campus The Hague offers a wide range of continuing education courses. These courses are specifically meant for professionals with an academic background who aim to deepen their knowledge and skills and broaden their perspective and networks in a public sector related field.

Core themes

Continuing education courses offered by Leiden University- Campus The Hague focuses on: Politics, Public Administration, Political Sensitivity, Public Affairs, Governance & Media, International Relations, International Law and European Cooperation. Masterclasses ‘Leadership in Complex Contexts’ are offered as a cross cutting theme, related to national, European and global contextual challenges.

Innovative education

Campus The Hague offers innovative, interactive programmes that build upon the knowledge and experiences course participants bring with them. We are putting practice first. In the programmes, practice is linked to academic insights by introducing cases, simulations, and practical assignments.

Course participants have access to a learning environment through which they can download relevant course information and literature, virtually meet lecturers and share experiences with colleague participants.

Tailor-made training and open enrollment

Most of the continuing education courses are tailor-made courses, developed at the request of an organization. In addition there is a number of open enrolment programs available such as professional courses in Public Affairs, Policy Development and the functioning of the European Union.

Course development

All courses are developed by the programme managers at the Centre for Professional Learning of Leiden University - Campus The Hague, often in partnership with government and public sector organizations. Our course programmes combine academic excellence of Leiden University’s based scholars with the rich experience of senior practitioners such as politicians, journalists, and managers working in the public and semi-public sector.

The tailor-made training courses are based on the specific background of the participants, as well as their learning objectives and the envisaged results of a course. The small groups and the interactive set-up of the courses enable participants to bring in individual themes relevant for their working practice.


For further information about tailor-made courses or open enrollment courses please contact mrs. drs. Nikol Hopman, Director Centre for Professional Learning.

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