Application and programme

The programme has been created to facilitate PhD dissertation projects for people who are professionally active and who are interested in deepening and sharing their interests and visions in an academic context

Application and intake

As a first step, it is critical to consider what candidates hope to get out of the experience; whether they are willing to spend the time and effort to complete the programme, whether this is feasible in light of their personal situation, and whether their employer is willing to cooperate.

There are currently no deadlines for applications. The application and intake process takes place on an individual basis, and can start anytime. Candidates can send a resume, a recent sample of written work and a (working) research proposal. Candidates can use our “Model for developing a dual PhD proposal”. If this plan is considered promising, the candidate will be invited to the Centre for an intake interview to discuss their research proposal, opportunities for spending time on a PhD, and suitability for the programme.


On the basis of previous qualifications, we will make a training programme consisting of course work and practical skills required to complete the dissertation. Early in the process, we will also bring together the advisory group and committee members. During the research period, the Centre will serve as a home base, supplying the necessary research facilities, and providing a forum to meet other dual PhD students and discuss ideas, questions, methods and challenges. This kind of direct and personal participation in an active academic community is a vital factor in the success of a dual PhD project, which is why this programme is not offered on a distance-learning basis.

The programme has 10 steps:

A. Pre-PhD phase (1 year)

1. Exploration of research theme, opportunities for financial support (note that this stage of the programme is free, but that we are unable to provide candidates with financial aid), and candidate’s schedule and available time.
2. Research proposal, including scientific field, topic, organization. Designing a personal development plan.
3. Admission decision and dissertation work contract, signed by the candidate, their employer and the Centre.
4. First steps of the research, contact with advisor and director of the Centre, and semi-annual evaluation with decision to continue with the project.
5. Agreement between advisor, the Centre, and candidate about the dissertation plan, including design and research.
6. Official appointment of dissertation committee, including principle advisor ("promotor" in Dutch).

B. PhD phase (2-4 years)

7. Implementation of the dissertation plan and editorship articles and dissertation. Annual formal evaluation with advisor ("promotor") and director of the Centre, regarding progress and results, with decision on continuing the programme.
8. Approval of dissertation manuscript by advisor.
9. Approval of dissertation manuscript by reading committee.
10. PhD public defence and graduation.

Last Modified: 12-01-2016