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Obtaining a PhD is a major achievement. Working on a PhD whilst also holding a job requires specific circumstances and creates unique opportunities, especially when the research topic is consciously sought in professional practice. This dynamic between research and profession is the main theme in this new dual doctoral programme.

This programme is offered with the participation of the Graduate Schools and professors of Leiden University at the Leiden Faculty Campus The Hague. 50 (potential) PhD Candidates are now successfully taking part. Two participants have obtained their PhD degree. New PhD candidates regularly join this heterogeneous and stimulating group.

Doctoral Programme Dual PhD Track

A dual PhD track is very intensive and offers extra opportunities. Especially for this group of PhD candidates the Dual PhD Centre and Track were developed. With the help of this new programme talented lecturers and knowledge workers from education, business and public institutions combine working together with a supervisor on a dissertation with their professional practice. The Dual PhD Centre cooperates closely with the faculties and professors of Leiden University in this programme. The Leiden professors act as supervisor. They represent the dozens of research fields of the university and can therefore offer their expertise to PhD candidates and present the most recent scientific insights. They are legally responsible for the academic level of the PhD research. This programme is characterized by intensive supervision, tailored tracks and a small scale, individual research environment. The dual character of our program is operationalized in different ways. With each PhD student, individual agreements are made. In case of full-time PhD students, all activities serve the PhD trajectory.

More information on the dual PhD track can be found at Dual PhD Track (in Dutch).


The world is constantly changing, influenced by local and global factors. New professional challenges continually present themselves. Meeting these challenges requires knowledge. The Leiden University Dual PhD Centre The Hague connects, by means of research, the strengths of professional practice with the strengths of scholarship. The dual system of the Dual PhD Centre, combining professional experience and PhD research, allows for new cross-fertilization between professional practice and science. Questions drawn from professional practice are considered in an academic context. The approach of the Dual PhD Centre is characterized by individually tailored supervision, intensive coaching, and academic depth through access to the Leiden University extensive academic facilities and expertise. In this way new forms of interaction between practice and theory get a chance to develop. PhD research at the Dual PhD Centre thus seeks to provide a regional impulse to corporate and public innovation.  Here the region is the university’s environment, which is both local and international.

'Bridging theory and practice: the dual PhD'

PhD Contract

The candidate, the employer, and the Centre, closely work together to best suit individual wishes and circumstances. These working conditions are formally described in a tailored contract. The contract focuses on the special circumstances of the dual PhD candidate and fills the general requirements of the Leiden University Doctoral Regulations.

This contract also describes how the programme is financed. The costs of the programme depend on the competencies and knowledge of the candidate as well as the nature and duration of the PhD research. For several professional sectors, education and research funds are available. There are also other subsidy opportunities that can cover some or all of these costs. The Centre can offer advice on this.


The Dual PhD Centre cooperates with knowledge-intensive businesses and organisations. The Dual PhD Centre and its partners design, recruit and mediate in PhD research. Education and research funds and other financial opportunities exist for several different professional sectors.

Chamber of Commerce The Hague

The Chamber of Commerce is a fellow founder of the Dual PhD Centre, in order to shape its dual character right from the beginning. The Dual PhD Centre connects the dynamic nature of professional practice with scholarship. With academic research, the Centre contributes to advancing the agenda “Tempo in the Top Region” of the Chamber of Commerce. This is done through, amongst other strategies, dual PhD tracks. Innovation strengthens the region’s economic power.

For information on the cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and regional businesses, please contact Ben Schuttenbeld of the Chamber of Commerce The Hague. Tel. 088 588 83 50 or e-mail: ben.schuttenbeld@kvk.nl


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