The Faculty Council

The Faculty Council represents students and staff of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, including the LUC The Hague.

The Faculty Board and the Faculty Council meet once every six weeks to discuss relevant matters. These meetings are public. The meetings take place on the basis on an agenda drawn up in conference between the Faculty Council and the Faculty Board. The Faculty Council consults with the Board on the basis of several documents. If the Faculty Council requires further information on a particular matter, it can submit written questions which the Faculty Board will answer in writing.

The Faculty Council has advisory powers and right of approval on a wide range of matters concerning the faculty, such as education. In this way the Council functions as the representative of the interests of students and staff and as a sounding board for the Faculty Board. For more information on the relevant themes and powers of the Faculty Council, please consult the Faculty Regulations (in Dutch) and the Faculty Council’s Standing Orders. .

Last Modified: 07-10-2016