Faculty Council Membership

The Faculty Council of Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs has eight members.

Staff members

Term 1/9/2015 to 1/9/2017

Student members

Term 1/9/2016 to 1/9/2017

  • Joost Rotteveel Mansveld (Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges)
  • Désirée Laurens (Bestuurskunde)
  • Carmen van Polanen Petel (Bestuurskunde)
  • Geoffrey van der Voordt (Bestuurskunde)


Staff members and students can vote for candidates to represent them in the Faculty Council and the University Council.

Staff members of the Faculty Council are elected for two years, student members for one year. Both staff and student members of the University Council are elected for one year.

During the elections for the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs an individual candidate system is used. This means seats are directly assigned to persons.
The university elections are held each May.

Last Modified: 13-09-2016