Human Resource

Tasks HR department

  • Advice and support for the Faculty Board and managers in developing and executing HR policy
  • Information for staff members on policy and terms and conditions of employment
  • Personnel administration


We are at Stichthage 
Stichthage  Offices
Koningin Julianaplein 10 
T: 070 800 9502

For general questions you may use our general email address:

Managers may use this address to report sickness leaves.


HR staff members

Centre for Professional Learning, Dual Phd Centre, Faculty Bureau, Public Administration

Alex Vernooij, HR advisor
 (working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Stichthage Offices room 12.17 
Telephone  070 800 9996, direct number 8698

Sandra Holster,  HR administration (working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 
Stichthage Offices, room 12.16 
Telephone 070 800 9988, direct number 8688


Centre for Innovation, Grotius, Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University College, Modern Urban Studies

Joyce Maes , HR Advisor  (working days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 
Stichthage Offices room 12.17  
Telephone 070 800 9001, direct number 8802

Martijn van Asperen, HR administration  (working days Monday, Tuesday and Friday) 
Stichthage Offices room 12.16 
Telephone 070 8009997, direct number 8691

Last Modified: 30-09-2016