Nominate your lecturer for the Leiden Teaching Prize!

Do you have a talented lecturer whose lectures has you on the edge of your seat and who has everyone in the lecture room listening with bated breath? If so, you can hominate him or her for the Leiden Teaching Prize.

25,000 euros and membership of the Teachers' Academy

Harmen Jousma won the Leiden Teaching Prizse in 2015

Harmen Jousma won the Leiden Teaching Prizse in 2015

Every year the Leiden University Student Platform (LUS) awards the Leiden Teaching Prize to a lecturer whose teaching skills are exceptional. The winner of the prize is also admitted to the Leiden Teacher's Academy and is awarded 25,000 euros to further develop his or her innovative teaching. The Leiden Teaching Prize will be presented at the opening of the Academic Year on 5 September 2016.

Nomination form

If you have a particularly talented lecturer, complete the online nomination form for the Leiden Teaching Prize before 30 November 2015. Students, student associations and groups of students can all nominate their favourite teacher.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the chairman of LUS, Mikal Tseggai:

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Last Modified: 04-11-2015