Education Services Centre

Contact details

The Education Services Centre (OSC) is responsible for the registration of educational and study matters and provides information to students during office hours. Of course, questions and requests can be send by mail.


Opening hours student desk

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00-12.00 am. 

You can reach the OSC by telephone and at the desks during opening hours. Mail will be answered as soon as possible.

Student Desk: Schouwburgstraat 2 ground floor
Telephone: +31 (0)70 – 800 9488   In the summer the student desk is closed and cannot be reached by phone from Monday July 10th  - Friday August 11th

Students that graduate this summer can send their application forms and necessary other documents by mail.

Services OSC

  • The administration of educational data and exam results;
  • Providing information via the notice boards and other means;
  • Processing and publication of exam results (uSis);
  • The organisation of tests and exams;
  • Requests for diploma's;
  • The administration of applications for admission;
  • Scheduling.

Staff OSC

  • Mw. A. van Teijlingen
  • Mw. M.R. van Eijk
  • Mw. R. van Petegem - Klaasse
  • Mw. T.L. Gravenbeek
  • Mw. M. Snoeij
  • Hr. K.M. Plein
  • Mw. M.P. Vos (head OSC)

Last Modified: 03-08-2017