Programme Committee

The Institute of Public Administration has two Programme Committees. The members are selected from the staff and the student body.


The Programme Committees advise the Institutes Board and in some cases Faculty Board about everything that concerns the bachelor and master's programmes. For example: on the Course and Examination Regulations, education programmes, facilities and the evaluations of the courses. The committees look at the structure of the curricula, overlap and rules around assessment and exams.


The Programme Committee has meetings approx. once a month. Meetings are in principle public, exceptions can be made for certain specific topics.


The Programme Committee has members from the academic staff as well as the student body. The term for students members is one year (re-election is possible).

Bachelor committee

Scientific staff:
Mrs. Petra van den Bekerom MSc (Chair)
Prof.dr. Frits van der Meer
Mrs. Margot Kersing MSc
Students (academic year 2016-2017:
Mrs. Esther Verbruggen (1st year)
Mrs. Suzan Saris (2nd year)
Mr. Thymon Jansen (2nd year)

Masters Committee

Scientific staff:
Mr. Alexandre Afonso PhD (Chair)
Mrs. Liesbeth van der Heide MA
Mrs. Valérie Pattyn PhD
Students (academic year 2016-2017):
Mrs. Lenneke Huisman (CSM)
Mr. Deepak Binda (MPS)
Mw. Myriam Zoellner (PA)


Dhr Mylena Willemsen (Commissaris Education B.I.L.)
Mw. Tanja Koeckhoven (Studentmember Institutes Board)
Mw. drs. Jolanda den Heijer (Study adviser)
Mw. Sofie Delpeut MA (Study adviser)
Mw. Tineke Choi (Study adviser)
Dhr. Sidi Reddoub (MPS, special guest Master programme committee)


If you have suggestions or remarks concerning the education of the Institute of Public Administration please contact the chair of the committee or send an e-mail to:

Universiteit Leiden
Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs
Institute of Public Administration
C/o Secretary of the Programme Committee
P.O. box 13228
2501 EE The Hague

Last Modified: 27-10-2016