Beetz, Dr. J.P. (Jan Pieter)

  • Lecturer
  • Political Theory; European Political Integration; Demoicracy; Political Legitimacy; Popular Sovereignty

Extension number: 8625

Jan Pieter Beetz started as a Lecturer in Public Administration at The Hague Campus of Leiden University in May 2015. He received his Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Exeter in June of the same year. During his doctoral studies, he held visiting positions at the UC, Berkeley and the University of Amsterdam.

His research interests include international political theory, European political integration, and realist political theory. He is particularly interested in how to conceptualise classic political concepts, such as justice and democracy, in the sui generis EU-polity, and the theorisation of novel political developments within this polity. His most recent article 'Stuck on the Rubicon?' was published in the Journal of European Public Policy.

His dissertation inquired into the genealogies of the contemporary conception of popular sovereignty, and its normative relevance for the debate on the EU’s legitimacy. He first proposes that three distinct conceptions of the people shape popular sovereignty, which complement another in making sense of the modern state’s legitimacy.  He then argues that this conception of popular sovereignty can no longer remain vindicated in its current conception in contemporary Europe. He finally proposes a novel conception of the ‘people’ in Europe, which suggests the need for a demoicratic reconceptualisation of popular sovereignty.

In addition to research, he has taught courses in political theory, EU politics and public administration, as well as giving guest lectures on the EU’s legitimacy deficit. He holds degrees in Public Administration (BSc, MSc) and Philosophy of Science (BA, MA) from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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