Dimitrova, Dr. A.L. (Antoaneta)

  • Senior Lecturer (UHD), Coordinator Master Public Administration, Co-coordinator MAXCAP
  • Transposition of EU directives and policy implementation, European Union enlargement: consequences, prospects, lessons, Democratization, human rights, institution building in transitional regimes, Civil service systems in Central and Eastern Europe, International organizations and good governance

Telephone number: +31 (0)70 800 9415
E-Mail: a.l.dimitrova@fgga.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit Governance and Global Affairs, Instituut Bestuurskunde, International Governance
Office Address: Wijnhaven
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP Den Haag
Room number 4.108

Extension number: 3890


Dr. Antoaneta Dimitrova is Associate professor at the Institute of Public Administration and coordinator of the Master’s Programme in Public Administration. The main themes of her research and teaching are, among others:

  • The creation, persistence and change of public institution.
  • Democratization and public administration reform.
  • Institutional design in transitional settings.
  • Decision making and implementation in a multi-level governance setting and especially in the context of the European Union.
  • European Union enlargement, conditionality and modes of integration with its neighbour.
  • Implementation of EU rules in national administrations.

The democratic transformations of the post communist states of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have been an enduring theme in her work. Her research has especially focused on the role of the European Union in democratization and administrative reform in CEE. The evolution of European Union institutions and the Union’s impact on the member states – Europeanization - is her other main research interest. Her current research on the implementation and institutionalization of EU rules in the new member states brings together these research themes. Her work has appeared in leading European journals such as European Union Politics, West European Politics, Journal of European Public Policy, Democratization and others. She has been invited as guest speaker at a number of international events such as the conference on EU conditionality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ernst and Young better government conference in Warsaw, at the Wider Europe Centre lecture series at Maynooth National University of Ireland and the Estonian School of Diplomacy seminar on EU coordination in Tallinn.


Conditionality, democratization, EU enlargement, Central and Eastern Europe, EU policy coordination, transposition, external governance.


Antoaneta Dimitrova has published articles on EU conditionality, democratization, external governance, civil service reform, transposition of EU directives, EU coordination systems and others in key journals such as Democratization, West European Politics, Journal of European Public Policy and European Integration Online Papers among others. Publications Antoaneta Dimitrova.

Research interests

An enduring research theme in Antoaneta Dimitrova’s work is the investigation of the institutional and political aspects of the post communist transformations in Central and Eastern Europe. She has researched the impact of administrative aspects such as comparative civil service reform and EU coordination systems but also discourses on democracy. Other important areas of interest are factors influencing the success of Europeanisation in the new member states (compliance with EC law, transposition, policy change) and the projection of European Union governance beyond its borders: ‘external governance’.


Teaching and visiting lectures: Antoaneta Dimitrova has taught courses on EU institutions and policy-making, governance in the European Union, democratization and global governance. She has also been a visiting professor at numerous European universities, in summer schools in Marburg and Kristiansand, seminars in Slovakia, Bulgaria and Turkey. From September 2006 till February 2007 Antoaneta was a Jean Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute. Her most recent talk was at the Arena programme of Oslo University.

Antoaneta Dimitrova is 2010 winner of the Casimir prize for best lecturer of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Leiden University. She has been involved, as applicant and co-coordinator, in the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence uniting Leiden University’s EU scholars, the Institute for International relations Clingendael and the Hague University of Applied Sciences.  She is currently  co-coordinator of consortiua working on the 7th framework funded research project entitled ‘Maximizing the integration Capacity of the European Union: Lessons and Prospects for Enlargement and Beyond’ (MAXCAP). MAXCAP investigates the political and economic effects of the 2004-2007 enlargement, the strategies the EU developed to cope with the political, social and economic challenges accompanying it, and the lessons for current and future enlargements and the neighbourhood policy.


Antoaneta Dimitrova has participated in a number of international projects, such as training seminars for Slovak and Bulgarian civil servants, assessing the impact of EU conditionality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, training CEE civil servants and establishing a public administration programme at the European Humanities University in Vilnius.


With a number of colleagues, Antoaneta maintains a blog on current issues in European Union politics and research at Eurosearch

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