Relocation Institute of Public Administration

Next week (starting November 28th), Public Administration staff will move to the new location Wijnhaven. This might have consequence for the accessibility.

Instructors: if you have an appointment with an instructor, make sure that it is clear where this will take place.

OSC: until Christmas the Educational Service Centre Servicedesk will remain at Schouwburgstraat. Opening hours: Mo-Thu from 10.00-12.00h. The Servicedesk will be in service during the relocation, unless it is absolutely necessary to close it. You can turn in forms, collect diploma’s, etc. at the desk. Telephone access will be more restricted. If you have any questions, e-mail Please take into account that it will take OSC more time to respond than usual. In January the OSC Servicedesk will open at Wijnhaven.

Board of Examiners: note that the board of examiners might need a longer response term and that the administrative secretary will be less easy to reach. Hard-copy documents can be turned in at the OSC Servicedesk during opening hours (see above).

Turning in work: follow your teacher’s instructions. Keep in mind that when you have to turn in your work at the OSC Servicedesk, this is possible during opening hours only (see above).

Study advisors: consultation hours will take place at the Schouwburgstraat until Friday 2 December. From 5 December onwards, the consultation hours will take place at Wijnhaven. Please report at the reception.

Library: more information on the relocation of the Library Learning Centre to Wijnhaven is found here .

Time tables: the time tables indicate where the classes take place. Until Christmas at the Schouwburgstraat, Stichthage and external locations.

Christmas closure and 2017: the entire Faculty is closed during Christmas closure 24 December -1 January 2017. From then onwards you are welcome at Wijnhaven where classes will start in February.

Changes to the statements above will be posted on the new studentportal

Last Modified: 24-11-2016