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Many courses are completed with a written exam. There are rules applicable to making exams. Read more (about the rules on) making exams on this page.


The last part of your Master's programme is the Master thesis. You will make a research proposal, collect your own data, analyze them and describe your findings. The thesis process is completed with the thesis defense.

EMPA exchange

Study within the EMPA Network! Students of the MSc Public Administration and the MSc Management van de Publieke Sector can study abroad via the EMPA exchange.


An internship is not part of the Master's programme, but students are of course allowed to do one. Internships give the Masterstudents the opportunity to work in an organisation within the field of Public Administration.

Study exchange at the Institute of Public Administration

Welcome to the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University. Our institute is located in the Hague, the international city of peace and justice with the presence of many international organizations, and the seat of the government of the Netherlands. The institute enrolls over 1,000 students in its Bachelor, Master and PhD programs.