VIDI grant for dr. Anne Rasmussen

Dr. Anne Rasmussen of the Institute Public Administration has been awarded a VIDI research grant by NWO.

For the next five years her research will focus on the following:

What influence do interest groups have on political responsiveness?
Dr Anne Rasmussen – Public Administration
The role of interest groups in political decision-making is an important point of interest in many democratic states. Rasmussen’s research focuses on the way interest groups influence the ability of politicians to translate the wishes of citizens into policies.

The Leiden laureates

Of the 86 VIDI research grants awarded by NWO, thirteen were awarded to Leiden researchers. This represents about 15%, a very high score. Five of Leiden's thirteen laureates are women.

VIDI research grants

VIDI grants are awarded to excellent researchers who have carried out successful research for a number of years following their PhD. These researchers are among the top ten to twenty per cent in their field. With a VIDI they can spend five years researching the topic they submitted. The grant amounts to a maximum of eight hundred thousand euros.

Last Modified: 31-05-2013