Student-member of the faculty board

Marlou Grobben is the assessor of the Faculty Campus The Hague, e.g. the student-member of the faculty board. The assessor looks after  the interests of students within the faculty, on various matters. She also manages the portfolios community building, internationalization and alumni policy and maintains contacts with study associations and other student organizations in The Hague on behalf of Leiden University.

Task description

The assessor is the student-member of the faculty board, that further consists out of the dean (responsible for general management and research), the vice-dean (responsible for education) and the executive director (responsible for operational management and finances). Because final decisions are made in the faculty board, student representation is very important here.

Aside from the assessor’s duties in the board, she is also promoting and supporting student participation in other co-participation organs like the faculty council, education committees and academic boards. Other student initiatives like study associations or activity committees are also very important and therefore encouraged. The assessor makes sure that these students are able to execute their duties as well as possible, by inviting them for meetings and trainings. The assessor is also a member of the “Leids Assessoren Overleg (LAssO)” the meeting of all assessors at Leiden University and the Vice-Rector Magnificus.

Financial support for students in the OLC, Faculty Council or Study Associations

As a board member of a study association or student-member of the education committee, academic board or faculty council, you are entitled to a financial compensation for your work. The assessor handles the applications for this financial compensation. If you’re eligible, the assessor will contact you near the end of the academic year.

LAssO subsidies

As explained earlier, the assessor is part of the LAssO. The LAssO advises Student- and Educational Affairs (SEA) on the granting of subsidies for the organization of activities. These activities can either be a one-time  academic event, or an activity aimed at the labour market. For more information on this, you can visit the LAssO website (in Dutch), or you can send an email to to The assessor of your faculty is the contact person for the application procedure, on behalf of the LAssO.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the assessor!

An effective system of co-participation is very important; if you want to participate in this system or would like to request more info about it, do send an email to! If you have any other question about student affairs, both in the faculty as university wide, do not hesitate to contact the assessor!

Phone: +31 (0)71 527 6157

Last Modified: 17-09-2015