Education Committee (OLC)

To guard the quality of education the faculty has developed a quality assessment system, which revolves around the Education Committee (OLC) as the most important part. Each program has its own OLC, you can always approach its members with questions or complaints about education. You can also play a role yourself, by running for a seat in the committee.  As a student-member, you can exercise influence on all possible aspects of teaching within your program.

Legal tasks of the OLC

The Education Committee is mandated by law (Wet op Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) to execute the following tasks:

  • advise on the education and examinations regulations (OER) of the program
  • assess the execution of the OER once per year
  • offer the academic board solicited and unsolicited advice on all matters relating to teaching and education

Activities of the OLC

The Education Committee is made up of both students as staff, who both hold half of the total amount of seats. The members in the student section are elected every year by their fellow students, whereby every student can run for a seat in the  education committee of the program that they registered for. The members in the staff section are appointed by the academic board.

The OLC assesses the quality of teaching and education by executing periodic evaluations. The process of these evaluations is determined by the faculty regulations. The OLC evaluates courses on multiple occasions in the academic year, as well as the entire program at the end of the year. After every evaluation, the OLC creates a report which advises the academic board on actions to be taken.

More information & running for a seat

If you’d like to know more about the OLC of your program, or if you want to run for a seat, you can contact the assessor of your faculty. You can also contact the OLC directly.

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Last Modified: 31-07-2015