Students in participation: read what Simon of the Faculty Council says

This week (9-13 May) you may vote for the student section of the Faculty Council (hereafter FC). Simon van der Staaij (LUC) is member of the FC now but will soon make place for new member. Read here how he feels about his year as FC-member and what he wants to say to all students of our faculty. And maybe the most important part: why you should vote for the new Council!

What does members of the Faculty Council do?

As an FC-member you control the faculty board and you comment on its policy. On the one hand you have the right of consultation and you are requested to think along constructively with the board. For other issues you have the right of consent, e.g. for the Education- and Examinations Regulations (OER) and you can actually participate in the decision-making.

Why did you stand for election for the FC last year?

I stood for election because I wanted to represent the students, and in view of the right of consultation and the right of consent the FC is the ideal spot to do so. Besides, the FC offers an interesting insight in how the faculty is governed.

What is so interesting about getting actively involved in our Faculty?

Our faculty is young and dynamic. This means that not everything is fixed and much is still to be developed. In the FC you see a lot of these developments, and you also get the chance to share your thoughts about them. This year we have spoken about the transformation of Faculty Campus The Hague into the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and also about the development of new bachelor programmes in The Hague.

What would be the best improvement for our faculty?

At this moment, students of the various programmes and institutes more or less form "islands". Although this past year the interaction and cooperation between students of the various programmes has grown, there is still room for improvement.

The college year has almost finished. What did you learn most this year?

A lot happened on faculty level. I have seen how, despite the time pressure and the many stakeholders, a lot of work has been performed and much has been achieved in forming and consolidating our faculty.

Is there something you would like to say to your fellow students?

We are a young and growing faculty, with many opportunities to develop things. If you are interested in shaping the (academic) student life, this is the ideal moment to start participating.

And to the new FC-members?

Read your papers, consult your colleagues in the Council and be critical, but constructive towards the Board; in that way you will get done the most.

Last Modified: 12-05-2016