Rules and regulations

Binding Study Advice at Leiden University

As a student of Leiden University you are entitled to good education and academic guidance. In return you are expected to meet certain requirements: the so-called BSA requirement. On this page you can learn about the criteria you are expected to meet in order to receive positive Binding Study Advice (BSA).

Code of Conduct

In its mission statement, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs formulates the following important ambition: ‘To develop into an internationally renowned academic centre of knowledge that focuses on complex issues and current developments in society.’

Faculty regulations

Next to the course and examination regulations several other regulations exist to ensure education activities run smoothly: rules and regulations for BA-theses, MA-theses, exams, results, plagiarism and the faculty regulations.

Management and co-participation

The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs has multiple levels of management and co-participation. On every level in the faculty students can give their opinion on the quality of education, and influence it. You can do this by becoming a student-member of one of the multiple boards and committees, of which a brief overview is given below.

Student Charter

This version is a translation of the Dutch, official “Studentenstatuut”. It informs Leiden University students (who are enrolled in an regular government funded degree programme) about what they can expect from the University and what the University expects from them.