Code of Conduct

In its mission statement, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs formulates the following important ambition: ‘To develop into an internationally renowned academic centre of knowledge that focuses on complex issues and current developments in society.’

To be able to achieve this ambition, Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs wishes ‘to create a more diverse, internationally oriented academic community, with staff and students from all over the world.’ In doing so, the Campus strives to embody an ‘inclusive’ culture, meaning that it wishes to offer all students and staff an honest, open, safe and inspiring climate for work and study.

This code of conduct is intended for all students and staff of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and of the Leiden programmes in The Hague. In keeping with the University’s motto ‘Praesidium Libertatis’, or ‘Bastion of liberty’, the key principle of this code is freedom of expression, but within the following guidelines of conduct:

  • A pro-active attitude aimed at interaction and co-operation

  • Respect for all members of our community and for the environment we share

  • Mutual acceptance, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, faith or sexual preference

  • Mutual trust and confidence in the good qualities of all people

  • Innovation: an inquisitive, open attitude

  • Integrity: handling of data and information with due care


All students and staff members are expected to be familiar with and understand the code of conduct, to observe the values on which it is based and, when necessary, to prompt others to do the same. Everyone is expected to set a good example, in particular supervisors and teachers.

The faculty-wide code of conduct is based on the following core values.

In combination with the regulations of the individual institutes, this code of conduct serves as a guideline for our everyday conduct both at study and at work.
See: LUCTH Social Honour Code

Last Modified: 07-01-2016