Questions, complaints and suggestions

Are you a student in the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs with a complaint you would like to submit or with suggestions for improving our services? Read further to see who you should contact.


  •   Public Administration

Public Administration students can take up issues concerning programme content with their department’s  programme council (OLC). The teaching committee gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the programme committee concerning issues like the annual adoption of Course and Examination Regulations (OER), the curriculum and evaluations of courses given.

For instructional support in Public Administration there is the Education Service Centre (OSC), which is responsible for recording academic data such as examination results and course schedules.

The Public Administration study advisers are there to provide academic counselling. They can help you with scheduling your courses, choosing your specialisation, dealing with an impending delay in completing your degree and much more.

  • Leiden University College (LUC)

The LUC programme council (OLC) advises the administration on a wide range of issues concerning programme content. This makes the programme committee the primary contact for students who want to make a contribution to the quality of education at LUC. This includes areas such as the Course and Examination Regulations (OER) and the curriculum.

Academic counselling at LUC is provided by study advisers. They are the primary contact for questions about issues like scheduling your courses and choosing a degree programme.

Buildings, facilities and housing

For everything concerning university buildings in The Hague you can contact the Service Desk. This includes matters such as malfunctioning vending machines and equipment, minor defects in buildings and information about lecture halls and cleaning.

If you have questions, complaints or suggestions concerning study facilities, such as study areas or the library, you can send an email message to

Do you live in LUC’s Anna van Buerentoren and want to report an issue regarding housing? Then go to the page on residential facilities.

Social issues

If you have study problems such as fear of failure, putting off necessary activities or writing problems, you can turn to one of the personal & study counsellor. They can provide support in the area of study skills, time management, concentration issues and personal problems.

Students who feel that they have been mistreated by a Leiden University employee or administrative body can take their case to the ombuds officer. The ombudsperson has an independent position within the university and is obliged to honour your confidentiality.

For anyone who has been confronted with undesirable conduct, such as (sexual) intimidation, violence or discrimination, there is the confidential counsellor.

Procedural issues

The Insitute of Public Administration's and Leiden University College's (LUC) Boards of Examiners are responsible for testing and supervising the standard of examinations, tests and elective course packages within the institute. The committee is authorised to issue rules and guidelines concerning tests and examinations, to grant exemptions and take measures on issues like order, fraud and plagiarism, to issue decisions on objections submitted by students and on a binding study advice (BSA).

Student deans can answer your questions and help with problems where all kinds of regulations and statutory provisions play a role. You can turn to them with questions and problems concerning a delay in completing your degree, legal status and regulations.

If you disagree with a decision made by your degree programme concerning tests and examinations, a negative binding study advice or admission to a (master’s) degree programme, you can submit an appeal to the Examination Appeals Board (CBE).

If you disagree with a decision concerning enrolment, tuition or certain types of financial compensation, you can lodge an objection with the Appeals and Objections Committee (CBB).

Would you like help deciding which administrative body to turn to? Just go to the digital complaints desk.


Can’t find information on this page concerning your question, complaint or suggestion for the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs? Then please contact the assessor.

For questions regarding International Studies you can contact the assessor of the Faculty of Humanities.


Last Modified: 07-03-2016